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Woodneath Story Center

Mid-Continent Public Library, MO

Contact: Steven V. Potter,

Community Partners: National Storytelling Network, The Writers Place, and others


Everyone has a story. However, not everyone is ready to tell it. Through classes and course work, peer editing and collaboration, people will create stories that people want to know. Then, determining the best medium for the story, creators will create content that can be shared. That content can take the form of a book that can be printed on an Espresso Book Machine, or an eBook that is made available through an Adobe Content Server, or a sound recording that is made available through an online audio content server. 

Eventually, the Story Center will be housed in an historic home, originally built in 1856. The concept is to create rooms of experience within the historic structure revolving around the arts of oral storytelling, written storytelling, and digital storytelling. Included in the center will be collaboration and program space, The Woodneath Press (online and print book publishing services), digital storytelling technology lab, an oral storytelling recording booth, and a digital archive of all the stories created at the Story Center:


  • Creating a more literate and creative community through an holistic approach to literacy
  • Adding and archiving traditional stories and stories of local interest
  • Teaching new language, literature and literary skills to people of the region
  • Improving the quality of self-published story projects