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Featured Resource: Harmful Detours and Healing Redirects

Harmful Detours and Healing Redirects Framework

Addressing key trigger terms in the current media, social and political climates, ULC's Harmful Detours and Healing Redirects framework is designed to help leaders grow alignment, surface misunderstandings and find paths forward through difficult conversations.

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Our mission is to provide a variety of services, programs and resources designed to continually keep our members on the cutting edge of 21st century library practice.

ULC Services Provide:

    • Lively, enriching discussions between members
    • Professional development opportunities that feature experts both from within and outside the ULC community
    • An annual innovations showcase that shares and celebrates “best” and “next” practices
    • Distinctive award programs that honor individual library leaders, staff and trustees as well as civic and government leaders
    • High-octane convenings that catalyze in-depth exploration of critical issues
    • Publications that provide knowledge and tools to strengthen the value and relevance of public libraries in their communities

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  • Member Knowledge Exchange

    The ULC Member Knowledge Exchange makes it easy for our members to build relationships and share transformative tools and ideas with ULC library leaders across North America.

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  • Member Groups

    Staff in member libraries are encouraged to join ULC Member Groups to connect with their peers and share challenges, concerns, insights and innovations. These members-only groups are a hallmark of ULC’s commitment to facilitating the exchange of ideas and programs between leading libraries across North America.

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  • Innovations

    Since 2010, the ULC Innovations Initiative has gathered, shared and showcased the value of the leading practices, services and programs created by ULC member libraries. These creative projects demonstrate how our members, and public libraries in general, continue to evolve and serve as essential technology, education and community leaders. The Innovations Initiative promotes innovations across ULC libraries, garnering national and international recognition for our library innovators and the integral role they play in building thriving communities.

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  • Webinars

    ULC webinars and virtual programs engage ULC members, subject matter experts and other leaders from a wide range of fields in critical discussions and knowledge sharing opportunities, highlighting leading-edge models and applicable insights that libraries can use to address pressing needs for their communities.

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  • ULC-Led Initiatives

    ULC members are leading groundbreaking research, initiatives and innovations that are testing and enhancing new ways that libraries can serve people and communities. ULC initiatives generate new service delivery models, best practices and tools of value to libraries of all sizes.

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  • Leadership Briefs & Research Reports

    ULC creates a variety of publications that disseminate cutting-edge knowledge and analysis on topics that are critical to the continued transformation of libraries as community change agents and problem solvers. ULC publications are intended to advance knowledge within and beyond the library community.

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  • Weekly Newsletter

    Each week ULC distributes an e-newsletter to members that includes current news and information about ULC programs, high-level news about individual member libraries and information about cutting-edge research and field initiatives that are relevant to 21st century library practice.

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  • Member Receptions

    In conjunction with ALA conferences, ULC hosts Member Receptions each year. Take advantage of these opportunities to informally network with peers, meet field leaders, industry experts and other special guests. Relaxed and welcoming, Member Receptions exemplify the spirit and commitment of the ULC community!

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  • E-Rate

    E-rate, or Universal Services Schools and Libraries program, is a discount set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) that schools and public libraries receive on telecommunications, internet and internal connections.

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