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Member Communities

ULC Member Communities

ULC has 12 Member Communities based on staff roles and focused on specific areas of work. The communities are peer-to-peer networks that allow members to connect, share announcements, pose questions for feedback and discuss topics relevant to their everyday work. Staff with cross-function responsibilities are welcome to join multiple communities. The Member Communities participants interact through e-Discussions, conference calls and in-person meetups.

Staff in member libraries are encouraged to join ULC Member Communities to connect with their peers and share challenges, concerns, insights and innovations. These member communities are a hallmark of ULC’s commitment to facilitating the exchange of ideas and programs between leading libraries across North America.

To join a ULC Member Community, please contact ULC Membership Manager, Matthew Wims.

Member Communities

  • Analytics & Tech Leaders

    Members of this community discuss and share insights on the use of data-driven techniques in operations and services, as well as data analysis tools and challenges.

  • CEOs/Directors

    Open exclusively to director-level library leaders, members of this community discuss news, challenges and opportunities facing library directors today.

  • Collections

    Members discuss opportunities and challenges related to circulation, format, maintenance and storage of materials.

  • Communications and Marketing Leaders

    Members share sample outreach materials and discuss communications strategies, branding issues and messaging platforms.

  • Customer Experience

    Members exchange ideas about how libraries can enhance their patrons’ experience, including service design, resource integration and customer engagement training for staff.

  • Deputy Directors

    Library deputy directors discuss the high-level leadership strategies, challenges and opportunities unique to their role.

  • Development Professionals

    Members share fundraising, corporate partnership strategies and discuss how libraries can maximize their relationships with library foundations.

  • Education Leaders

    Members of this community discuss how libraries can expand and strengthen their impact in meeting the educational needs of patrons.

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Officers

    Members of this community share strategies and best practices related to advancing anti-racism, equity, diversity and inclusion at their libraries and within their communities.

  • Human Resources

    Members of this community exchange thoughts, practices and strategies around comprehensive human resources services in the areas of recruitment, employment, compensation, benefits, employee relations and staff development in support of the library and its staff.

  • Public Safety & Operations

    Members of this community discuss the internal/external opportunities and challenges related to public safety and operations.

  • Social Workers

    Members of this community discuss the internal/external opportunities and challenges related to serving the community - staff consultations and trainings, direct patron work, and building community partnerships.