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State Library of PA STEMlab

State Library of PA

Contact: William Fee,, 717-783-7014

Community Partners: Whitaker Center, PA Dept. of Education, Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources, Harrisburg University


Though many of the classes have had students from 10-14, the STEMlab offers classes from Pre-K through grade 12, as well as professional development for teachers and librarians. All classes are hands on, and range from coding and virtual reality design to paleontology and epidemiology. Focus is on the practical aspects of equipment so that teaching Raspberry Pi might involve stream and environment sensors and stream life involves watershed and environmental health.


  • Introduction of teachers and librarians from Carlisle school district to single board systems and found material creation.
  • Training of Whitaker Girls in STEM classes on roller coaster physics and the engineering of windmills.
  • Partnership with the YWCA on stream health and riparian maintenance, resulting in the placement of 4 sensors reporting to Monitor my Watershed (upcoming).
  • Partnership with Harrisburg University to host a Biobuilder chapter to give high school students experience with biotechnology and possible publication (upcoming).

To learn more, visit the State Library of PA Makerspace web page.