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Phoenix Public Library, AZ

Contact: Terry Ann Lawler,

Community Partners: Heatsync Labs, Scientific Mom, RoseLane Code Club, Coder


MACH1 is space for Makers, Artists, Crafters, Hackers. We provide, hands-on/interactive STEAM education for all ages. We use a variety of open source tools to promote a fun, participatory learning environment. Our programs include Stitchcraft, Paper Engineering, Science Café, Coder Dojo, Video Game Design, Hacker Haven, Astrobiology for Kids, Beginning Robotics and over 20 more. MACH1 promotes shared learning experiences and mentoring. Our programs are all free of charge and funded with donations from various organizations. -


A variety of new skills learned including: Coding, Soldering, 3D Modeling, Sewing, Video Game Design, Music/Photo/Video Editing, Photoshop and more. Community members are able to share skills and give back by volunteering to run a class or be a Makerspace Coach. Our programs strengthen critical thinking and problem solving skills and collaboration. Showing kids and teens how to tinker gives them the chance to nurture their creativity and imagination, learn how to ‘play to learn’ and gain real world skills that they can carry on to college or to the job market. In addition, MACH1 bridges the digital divide in a whole new way. We invite our members to participate in ‘future tech’ that may not be affordable to them at home.