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Gwinnett County Public Library, GA

Contact: Michael Casey,

Community Partners: Norcross High School


The MakerCamp is open to students in grades 9 through 12. Students are given a basic introduction to the various 3D design software applications and are instructed in the fundamentals of 3-dimensional printing through the use of a MakerBot Replicator 2 printer. In addition, they are given a background in the history of 3D printing, where such technology is now used, and how it may be used in the coming years. A discussion regarding the contemporary and future use of 3D design and printing incorporates several curriculum areas (engineering, biology and medical, entrepreneurial prototyping, food service, etc.) in order to engage and further student interest. Students are exposed to several futurist visions surrounding the application of 3D design and printing technology.


Immediate outcomes are skills in 3D design applications, use of 3D printer, and basic principles of computer aided design. Students will understand the process of turning a 2D design into a printed 3-dimensional object and the complications that are often inherent in that process. 

Connections are drawn between the basic 3D design and printing that the students will learn and the much more complex possibilities regarding the future of 3D printing technologies. The connections will stimulate further interest and allow the students to visualize possible paths of innovation. In addition, it is hoped that students will incorporate this enthusiasm in future career path choices: