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ULC's Summer Learning Boot Camp Series

Boot Camp

As part of the Building Equity: Amplify Summer Learning initiative, ULC invites members to participate in an informational boot camp series designed to support libraries as they work to amplify equity in summer learning. See full session descriptions and speakers by visiting the registration pages. Please reach out to Katie Sullivan with any questions.

Watch Recorded Webinars in the Boot Camp Series

    Boot Camp #1: Outreach Through an Equity Lens

    Community outreach is key to an equitable and impactful summer program. Attendees joined ULC on January 19, 2023 for a webinar focused on designing summer program outreach through an equity lens, including identifying and working with community partners and trusted messengers. ULC Director of Racial Equity and Community Impact Michelle Hamiel was joined by library leaders driving this work.

    Boot Camp #2 Working with Middle School Students

    Understanding the developmental stage of middle schoolers is crucial to developing engaging summer programming. Attendees were provided tips and best practices for working with early adolescents, including a showcase of successful examples. Brodrick Clarke, Vice President of Programs and Systems Quality at the National Summer Learning Association, presented along with library leaders who are working creatively with middle schoolers.

    Boot Camp #3: STEM Planning in Summer

    When libraries plan effectively, working with youth on STEM can be simple and fun. Bryan Wunar, President and CEO of Discovery World, highlighted the critical importance of these subjects and share examples of STEM activities that do not require vast resources. Library leaders effectively integrating STEM into summer also shared their work.

    Boot Camp #4: Evaluating Summer Programs

    Boot Camp #4 highlighted promising practices in, and the importance of, effectively evaluating library summer programs. Leslie Gabay-Swanston, Director of External Affairs at the National Summer Learning Association, and Dianne Palladino, Director of Evaluation at the National Recreation and Park Association, presented on measuring progress in summer programs.


    This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services grant LG-250115-OLS-21.