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Action Team: Digital Equity


This web page highlights the latest developments from ULC's Digital Equity action team, which is working to establish new models, techniques and approaches that can help all libraries lead their communities into a stronger post-pandemic future.

ULC members: If you are interested in joining this action team, please contact Michelle Hamiel, Director of Racial Equity and Community Impact,

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Team Objectives

    1. To provide tools and resources that will help libraries enlarge their footprint in their digital ecosystems.
    2. To rely on the expertise of the members of the action team as a resource to libraries seeking to advance their digital equity efforts.
    3. To provide access to data, research and tools that will assist library leaders in developing plans to eradicate digital inequities.

    Leadership Brief Produced by This Team

    ULC’s Digital Equity in the Age of COVID-19 Leadership Brief spotlights how the pandemic has both intensified the digital divide and created a window for action by raising the visibility of what it means to be unconnected in our hyper-connected world, especially for our most vulnerable residents, and offers action strategies, key messages and background information to empower library leaders to take on a more active and intentional role in advancing digital equity.

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    A Message from the Team

      COVID-19 has surfaced and shed greater light on North America's need to make immediate progress toward digital equity. Millions of citizens are being left behind as digital skills and broadband and device access become ever-more critical in mitigating the education gap and supporting employees who are now working remotely.

      As well-respected civic institutions and trusted technology hubs, public libraries play a vital role in breaking down barriers to equitable digital opportunities and experiences.

      Our action team represents diverse ULC library professionals who are leading community efforts to strategically close the digital divide. By aligning our activities and sharing insights, we are working aggressively to map out the greatest challenges and opportunities for fostering digital equity as communities begin to move forward from the pandemic.

      Participating Libraries