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ULC and

As part of ULC's partnership with, ULC member libraries qualify for a discount when signing up.

ULC is thrilled to announce an exciting and new partnership with, a location analytics technology company. We know that high-quality, relevant data can greatly improve how library systems understand their services and facilities performance, inform programming development, and enhance the patron experience and community engagement. ULC members can receive a discount to access the platform, empowering them with cutting-edge solutions for data-driven system enhancements, impact assessment and overall management of their library systems.

How Library Visits Create Daytime Foot Traffic and Promote Economic Vitality in Downtowns: A Case Study


How are libraries recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic? This is a big question that frequently guides the research conducted by the Urban Libraries Council. While libraries with a downtown location historically contribute a significant amount of steady foot traffic and daytime population and serve as trip attractions, has that been happening since the pandemic? Using, ULC is sharing some preliminary research around the connection between public libraries and economic vitality in a new case study about what is happening at the DC Public Library, and its impact on Downtown DC foot traffic. is a best-in-class software solution that uses foot traffic data and collaborates with civic organizations to elevate performance, amplify visibility and access and drive socioeconomic impact. It is the most advanced location analytics platform describing physical locations, the people and businesses that interact with them and the markets they inhabit. Notably, is committed to privacy-preserving location intelligence practices.

Some of the valuable services offered by include:

  • Location visit statistics
  • Measuring reach and community access to library services and programs
  • Patron demographic and psychographic reports
  • Digital social behavioral data's best-in-class data delivers actionable insights for any location:

  • Unparalleled Accuracy:'s data accuracy is continually validated against first party and authoritative data sources — with correlations consistently exceeding 90%.
  • Broad, Quality Coverage:'s panel covers every county in the U.S. and contains historical data since January 1, 2017. Data is sourced exclusively from premium partner apps and 100% background data.
  • Privacy by Design: data is only sourced from apps that require affirmative opt-in and disclose how data is used.
  • 3rd Party Marketplace: Placer integrates dozens of third-party demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data sets from leading providers like Experian and STI.

How Works

As part of ULC's partnership with, ULC member libraries qualify for a discount when signing up. If you are eager to explore the capabilities of's suite of tools, we encourage you to reach out directly to ULC's Director of Research and Data Femi Adelakun at ULC will work with you to book a demo and address any inquiries regarding exclusive discounts available for ULC member libraries.