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Know Your Rights

Oakland Public Library

Contact Name: Mana Tominaga,
Type of Initiative: Tenets of Democracy  
Initiative Partners: ACLU of Northern California


Oakland Public Library partnered with the American Civil Liberties Union ACLU of Northern California to offer workshops in which attendees learn how to exercise their rights. Workshops are being held at three libraries in February as follows:

Demonstrations and Protests: Standing up for your right to protest can be challenging. Come join us to learn what you need to know about exercising your rights, with Charlie Fredrick, Senior Organizer, ACLU of Northern California.

Transgender People and the Law: Do you feel you’ve been discriminated against on the basis of your gender identity or sexual orientation? Do you know the laws regarding gender? Come join us to learn more about your rights with Ashley Morris, Senior Organizer and Grassroots Advocacy Manager, ACLU of Northern California.

Immigration Status: Offered in Spanish. Do you know your rights if someone ever questions your immigration status?  Come join us to learn more with Raquel Ortega, Organizer, ACLU of Northern California. This workshop will be conducted in Spanish.