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New ULC Leadership Brief: Anti-Racist Executive Leadership for Public Libraries

Informed by the work and expert guidance of ULC’s Anti-Racism action team, this Leadership Brief focuses on the power of self-aware and committed public library executives in ensuring racial justice, both within our institutions and in our communities.

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Partners for Middle School STEM Strategic Playbook

ULC’s new Strategic Playbook guides library teams in building successful programs and cross-sector partnerships to advance inclusive and robust STEM learning environments for low-income middle school youth.

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Building the STEM Workforce: Quickstart Toolkit

Complementing the Strategic Playbook, ULC’s new Quickstart Toolkit is designed to orient libraries who are new to STEM work with strategies for short-term, sustainable progress, as well as resources for deeper exploration.

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Speak Up/Speak Out: Conversations on Race in Columbus

Discover how Columbus Metropolitan Library committed to a strong and sustained effort to combat racial inequity in their organization and community, focusing on the Black experience specifically and making race conversations a priority.

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Columbus Metropolitan Library Speak Up

Libraries on the Front Line of the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

Learn how Prince George’s County Memorial Library System, Cuyahoga County Public Library and Johnson County Public Library have established innovative partnerships and outreach efforts to help serve their communities on the front line of their local vaccine rollout.

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Closing the Entrepreneurship Gap: Tools for Libraries

The new ULC toolkit offers strategies and resources to help libraries level-up as entrepreneurial hubs, including COVID-19 responses.

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All-New ULC Member Knowledge Exchange

ULC is thrilled to announce that the all-new ULC Member Knowledge Exchange is now available for our members. This new platform will make it even easier for you to build relationships and share transformative tools and ideas with ULC library leaders across North America.

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Statement on Race and Social Equity

In a strong act of commitment to a more equitable society, 190 public libraries across North America have signed the Urban Libraries Council’s Statement on Race and Social Equity.

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The Urban Libraries Council, founded in 1971, is an outcomes-driven research and innovations network of more than 150 leading North American public libraries.

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Upcoming Events

Engage directly with experts and build your professional network

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Knowledge Exchange

Access sample policies, forms and other documents provided by ULC members

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Share and be inspired by cutting-edge public library practices

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Discover how ULC is working to invigorate public libraries and their communities

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Education transforms the lives of individuals and is the foundation for strong, economically vital communities. In the knowledge economy, the library is the learning institution ready to guide and support citizens at every age and level of need.

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Digital Equity

Libraries are critical anchors for digital access and equity in local communities. For millions of people, libraries are their gateway to the digital universe and digital readiness.

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Healthy, Sustainable Communities

Libraries are powerful partners for creating healthy, sustainable communities. With local government, business and other community organizations, libraries are key players in a strong economy, a healthy environment and racial/social equity.

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The Voice of Public Libraries

ULC provides a forum for library leaders to share best practices and innovative ideas that inspire programs that support 21st century learning, a strong economy, and an active democracy.

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