Edge InitiativeThe Edge Initiative has launched, and ULC members are encouraged to participate as early adopters of this ground-breaking tool that will help capture, strengthen and convey the power of the public technology libraries provide communities.

What is Edge?
Edge is a leadership and management tool which will help library leaders align the library's technology services to the needs of the community and communicate the library’s value to community leaders. At ULC, we believe that through Edge, library leaders will be able for the first time to assess the library's current public technology services and connect its value to community priorities.  

The Edge Initiative was developed by a coalition of leading library and local government organizations with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and led by the Urban Libraries Council. Unlike other initiatives that assess technology, Edge is the professional tool we hope the field will continue to build and to use for many years to come. 

How Do Libraries Use Edge?
The process starts by completing the Edge assessment and then engaging staff and local leaders in discussions to connect the results to strategic planning, action plans, management and ultimately to improving public technology in your community. Early experience has shown the power of using the process fully and engaging Edge over time.

Here’s what a fellow ULC Library Director said about her experience with Edge:

"Edge is not just about providing high quality technology. It is also about knowing your community and the types of technology programs that your community needs. The Pioneer Library System is conducting a system-wide community assessment survey in preparation for a strategic planning process. We will be integrating the Edge Assessment information into our strategic planning and discussing it with our city government and community planning group. The Edge information will insure that our technology planning is an integral part of our strategic plan." - Anne Masters, Library Director, Pioneer Library System (OK)

How Do I Get the Edge?
As leaders and innovators, we encourage our ULC members to be among the first to participate in Edge. To sign up, go to: www.libraryedge.org and click on the “Sign Up” link at the top right corner of the page. Then, complete the Library Pre-Registration form and “Request an Account”. There is no fee to participate in Edge in 2014.


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