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Voices of Amiskwaciy

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Voices of Amiskwaciy

Edmonton Public Library, Alberta

Anti-Racism, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion | 2018 | Honorable Mention

Innovation Summary

Voices of Amiskwaciy was launched in 2017 in response to Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action. VOA is a digital public space, or community-made space that supports users to create, share, discover and celebrate local Indigenous content online.

Problem Statement

VOA is designated for and guided by Indigenous communities. This unique space hosts a collection of stories with the intent to share within and beyond Indigenous communities. The collection offers insight into diverse Indigenous cultures, experiences, histories and perspectives. Edmonton Public Library collaborated with Indigenous communities and individuals to create content and share stories through the space. The result is a digital public space available for everyone to build knowledge in their journey towards reconciliation.


VOA is as much about process as it is about the product. When approaching the creation of a space reflective of Indigenous communities, it was important to first learn and understand Indigenous community perspectives, expectations and concerns. The project team held five community consultations with Indigenous community members, leaders and organizational professionals during development. EPL continues to work with, seek guidance and respond to feedback from Elders, artists, youth, educators and the general community.


The project has had meaningful impact for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. Highlights include:

  • Communication with over 50 local organizations and hundreds of community members
  • Delivered five consultation events with over 100 community members in attendance
  • Completed 31 Digital Storytelling Workshops with over 160 participants
  • Attended 21 partner events to connect with over 2,000 community members
  • Hosted 200 digital stories
  • Working with 11 community groups to contribute