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The Podcast on Natural Dallas (The P.O.N.D.)

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The Podcast on Natural Dallas (The P.O.N.D.)

Dallas Public Library, Texas

Education - Children & Adults | 2020 | Honorable Mention

Innovation Synopsis

The Podcast on Natural Dallas (P.O.N.D) focuses on learning about the animals, plants and other aspects of the natural world in Dallas and the surrounding area. In addition to the podcast, we produce an email newsletter and an annual Nature Expo featuring dozens of local organizations dedicated to the natural world in Dallas.


Being connected to the natural world has countless benefits for individuals and communities alike. However, as city dwellers it's easy to overlook even the most basic aspects of nature. Even if someone is interested in learning or experiencing the natural world, it’s hard to know where to start and easy to be intimidated. Local nature organizations contain expertise to address common questions and the passion to spark further curiosity but have difficulty finding the uninitiated.

Key Elements of Innovation

Podcast interviews allow professionals and serious amateurs to share their expertise and passion about the natural world. Goals for the podcast series, newsletter and annual nature expo are to enrich lives by deepening awareness of local nature, build community among those sharing these interests, increase scientific literacy and indirectly foster engagement in citizen science initiatives. Local nature groups have been partners, including Texas Master Naturalists, Texas A&M AgriLife and Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Achieved Outcomes

To date, the P.O.N.D. has released 41 episodes. In the last six months, podcast episodes were downloaded nearly 2,000 times. The newsletter has 167 subscribers. The Nature Expo continues to grow with 336 attendees at the 2019 Expo, and 25 exhibitors. Continuing and new partner participation demonstrates our platforms help reach a broader audience for these groups. The podcast has truly been successful at bringing together those passionate for and curious about the natural world.