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Technobus: A Mobile Technology Learning Center

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Technobus: A Mobile Technology Learning Center

Miami-Dade Public Library System, Fla.

Equity and Inclusion | 2018

Innovation Synopsis

This service is focused on narrowing the digital divide in high-need communities. It brings instruction and digital services directly to the community. The Technobus serves groups such as senior citizens (teaching them to connect via digital devices), unemployed adults interested in sharpening their computer skills and teens at afterschool programs.


The Technobus was created to address the need for digital literacy throughout Miami-Dade County. For someone who is unemployed and not familiar with the use of computers, finding a job represents a major obstacle. Similarly, for many active and otherwise healthy senior citizens, using or learning to use a digital device and having access to emails or social media platforms could make the difference between isolation and remaining engaged.

Key Elements of Innovation

The library reconditioned a 37 foot bus-style bookmobile that was no longer in active service and converted its interior to accommodate 11 student stations. The vehicle was then equipped to offer classes in Windows and Mac platforms using Microsoft SurfacePro tablets, MacBook Airs and iPads loaded with popular software applications such as Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, Logic Pro, SketchUp, etc. The vehicle is also used to teach digital photography, music and video production.

Achieved Outcomes

In its first year, the Technobus made regular stops to 11 senior citizen centers throughout Miami-Dade County where approximately 600 seniors were trained on multiple topics. Adult users often express their excitement to be able to use the Technobus; so far, over 1,700 adults have participated in the Technobus workshops. Similarly, the Technobus served over 3,000 teens during after-school programs. Lastly, Technobus was also used to train over 50 library employees on work-related software applications.