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Tech Navigators: Experts? No. Explorers? Yes!

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Tech Navigators: Experts? No. Explorers? Yes!

Greensboro Public Library, N.C.

Equity and Inclusion | 2019 | Top Innovator

Innovation Synopsis

Customers have various tech skill levels and should determine their own pace of training. Similarly, staff should also be encouraged to guide training at a pace that promotes their growth as well. Tech Navigators offer users one-on-one support from staff who aren’t experts, but ARE committed to helping them explore and integrate technology into their lives.


Helping customers keep pace in an increasingly digital society. Government services, leisure activities and educational/job opportunities have all become accessible in digital media. Tech Navigators grants customers the license to pace themselves as they build skills and grow confidence.

Building the capacity and skills internally to respond confidently to the technology-related needs of customers. GPL developed the Green L.I.T.E initiative to help assess and continuously grow staff tech-related competencies.

Key Elements of Innovation

Key elements:

  • Participation in ULC Edge Initiative
  • Assessing staff’s existing skills and competencies through the library’s internal technology initiative Green L.I.T.E (Learning and Integrating Technology Efficiently), which includes an on-boarding assessment and continuous training.
  • Equipping staff with strategies for leading instruction for individuals and small groups
  • Branding service as the Tech Navigator program, communicating to staff and customers our hope of growing and becoming tech-savvy together

Achieved Outcomes

Outcomes for this program have included:

  • Customers can now receive individual training on email, social media, computer basics, and smart-phone and mobile applications.
  • Overall technology-related programs and services have increased, including more than 4,000 Tech Navigator appointments since the program began in January 2018.
  • Staff confidence and competence related to technology has grown.
  • The library has a renewed emphasis on its technology-related training and programs for staff and the public.