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Innovations Entry Submission

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2021 Innovations Submissions

Please fill out the below form to submit an entry to ULC's 2021 Innovations Initiative.

The deadline for entries is November 1, 2021 (this form will accept entries until 11:59 p.m. ET). ULC will only accept Innovations entries from libraries that are current ULC members.

View the 2021 Innovations FAQ

Click here to view answers to frequently asked questions for ULC's Innovations Initiative.

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Please note:
If you do not see a confirmation message after submitting your entry, then your entry has not been recorded by the system. Please contact for assistance with Innovations submissions.

By submitting this form, you confirm that you have read and agree to the official terms and conditions for the 2021 Innovations awards program.


Anti-Racism, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Innovations that directly address structural racism, systemic inequity and social injustice within the library and across the community, including:

  • Anti-racism, equity, diversity and inclusion embedded in strategic planning.
  • Organizing for anti-racism, equity, diversity and inclusion outcomes.
  • Anti-racist audits of library operations.
  • Community initiatives, partnerships and conversations regarding systemic racism and social justice.
Civic and Community Engagement

Innovations that help that empower and motivate community members to address public concerns and exercise their civil rights and liberties, including:

  • Initiatives to support democracy.
  • Civics and voter education and services.
  • Programming to support civility, kindness and communities working together.
  • Social activism forums.
Communicating the Library’s Value

Innovations that increase the awareness and perceived value of the library’s programs, resources and community role, including:

  • “Welcome Back” reopening campaigns.
  • Partnerships to enhance the library’s reach to under-resourced audiences.
  • Strategic brand extensions and rebranding initiatives.
  • “Fine Free” policy change messaging.
Customer Experience

Innovations that make interactions with library representatives, resources and spaces more enjoyable, efficient or useful for customers, including:

  • Facilities configured for safer in-person use and programming.
  • Special attention and support to promote emotional well-being.
  • Hotlines, tele-services, tele-townhalls and phone outreach.
  • Accessibility improvements for library websites and apps.
Digital Equity and Citizenship

Innovations that aim to ensure all individuals and communities have the information technology capacity and support needed for full participation in 21st-century life, including:

  • Partnerships to bring high-speed broadband directly to all households.
  • One-on-one tech support and mentorship.
  • Education on robotics, AI, emerging technologies, online privacy, cybersecurity.
  • PSA campaigns to engage the public and/or local leaders in digital equity conversations.
Education: Adults

Innovations that help adults advance personal and family learning goals and develop literacies of all kinds, including:

  • Education partnerships.
  • Caregiver workshops and learning circles.
  • Trauma-informed programming.
  • Adult education for reading, media, digital, financial and other literacies.
Education: Birth thru Teens

Innovations that strengthen local education ecosystems and increase access to high-quality learning opportunities for all children and teens, including:

  • Youth mentorship, internship and leadership initiatives.
  • Summer learning programs.
  • Partnerships with K-12 school leaders.
  • Comprehensive distribution of library cards to all local students.
Institutional Change and Strategic Management

Innovations that shift internal culture and rethink positions, processes and team structures to drive greater equity, productivity and leadership at all staff levels, including:

  • Leadership and organization benchmarking and strategic planning with Edge.
  • Programming for staff well-being.
  • Internal/crisis communications systems and tools.
  • Professional development programs for library staff.
Wellness, Safety and Sustainability

Innovations that help library staff and customers better understand and make informed decisions about personal and public health issues, as well as environmental concerns, including:

  • Climate change education and programming.
  • Programs and partnerships to address public health and public safety.
  • Mental health resources and support groups.
  • Facility changes to reduce carbon emissions and enhance energy efficiencies.
Workforce and Economic Development

Innovations that promote equitable economic mobility and opportunity for all local workers, jobseekers, entrepreneurs and businesses owners, including:

  • Entrepreneurship and advanced digital skill-building.
  • STEM as a career path.
  • Professional coaching and certification programs.
  • Business challenges and fellowships.

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