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Restructuring Remote Customer Contact

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Restructuring Remote Customer Contact

Gwinnett County Public Library, Ga.

Top Innovator

Innovation Synopsis

Gwinnett County Public Library recently centralized its AskGCPL service for remote customers to achieve greater internal efficiency and more immediate and responsive customer interaction. This service retooling has allowed the library to expand service to off site customers as well as meet them at their immediate point of need.


The original AskGCPL service involved 50 staff members from across all 15 branches to schedule time for remote customer service. Centralizing this service required customized and dedicated space as well as training for the new team to operate all previous services and an added service point. Internally, this was a major opportunity to free system staff time while providing customers with increased services delivered with greater immediacy.

Key Elements of Innovation

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the AskGCPL service allowed us to clearly identify what changes were both imperative and possible. Once the dedicated space became available in a new branch, staff selection and training on the program for website chat assistance followed. The group of five quickly set a consistent tone in their responses and put the finishing touches on a much leaner and efficient compilation of FAQs for the public.

Achieved Outcomes

A major outcome is a 90 percent decrease in staff operating the new service. A five member team delivers professional answers as they simultaneously manage an average of 5,000 incoming calls per month, respond to emails and texts, reserve meeting rooms and Book A Librarian sessions and provide website chat assistance totaling close to 2,000 conversations per month. Their ability to specialize in these areas of service delivery has greatly improved service responses for remote users.