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Mobile Device SmartKits

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Mobile Device SmartKits

Stark County District Library, Ohio

Advocacy & Awareness | Top Innovator

Innovation Synopsis

The library created a campaign to raise community awareness of the library’s digital and mobile tech offerings, tech help services and training resources, raise awareness of non-traditional tech devices for circulation and increase circulation of the digital collection. The campaign launched in the winter during peak tech gift-giving season.


Pre-campaign, e-collections represented 6-7 percent of the library’s circulation. Since e-books represent approximately 25 percent of the national book market and streaming services are rapidly growing, the library was under serving the “digitarian” population. The library needed to increase circulation of e-resources, establish the library as the go-to resource for tech help and training in the community and raise awareness of the non-traditional offerings.

Key Elements of Innovation

The library aimed to reach users by creating a Mobile Device SmartKit, which includes information on available e-resource apps including e-collection, wireless internet hotspots and wireless printing; help services (the new tech helpline phone number and 1-on-1 appointments). To significantly raise awareness of these offerings, SmartKits were distributed during a month-long outreach campaign at the mall during peak December holiday traffic and promoted with radio and social media ads, press coverage and digital signage.

Achieved Outcomes

Over 13,250 SmartKits were distributed in December— over five times more than initially expected. Web traffic to digital services increased by 165 percent, e-circulation rose by 15 percent, e-card signups increased by 103 percent, 1-on-1 “Ask an Expert” sessions increased by 400 percent, Wireless Hotspot circulation rose 74 percent and the new mobile helpline received 106 calls. SmartKits continue to be distributed in 2017, averaging approximately 1,000 per month and e-circulation growth continues to accelerate (up 27.5 percent in July).