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Let’s Be Neighbors: Connecting to Civic Engagement

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Let’s Be Neighbors: Connecting to Civic Engagement

Salt Lake County Library

Advocacy & Awareness | 2023 | Honorable Mention

Innovation Synopsis

A virtual series focused on timely and relevant areas of public concern, presented by local experts. These impartial sessions headed by multiple panelists give residents knowledge and skills to address issues and elevate their community.


With much misinformation, division, and fracturing within our communities, we saw a unique opportunity to connect and unite individuals together by using the knowledge, resources, and experts local to our state. This digital, community platform empowers residents with next steps they could take away to make a difference on an intimate or large scale.

Key Elements of Innovation

Action: Integral to the series is to have our experts give 3-5 suggestions of actions individuals can take to spark change.
Virtual: The platform allows people with busy lives to access the information quickly without travelling, with a recording available for longevity.
Experts: We have a bright talent pool of incredible local individuals deeply invested in the problems – and solutions – for everyone.
Questions: We wanted to offer a platform where individuals could be heard and have answers from knowledgeable experts.

Achieved Outcomes

15 community programs; 1555 views; 42 unique partner presenters; 3175 community engagement take and make kits.
Comments such as: “I appreciate the information and look forward to trying to help and spread awareness!” and “Thank you so much! Great info! Getting involved can be so intimidating! Thanks for helping make it less daunting!”
More than 100 fleece hats, scarves, and mittens returned from take and make kits for individuals in need, paired with our Homelessness: The Unseen Neighbor program.