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Latino Collection and Resource Center

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Latino Collection and Resource Center

San Antonio Public Library, Texas

Anti-Racism, Digital Equity and Inclusion | 2018

Innovation Synopsis

San Antonio Public Library’s Latino Collection originated in 1996 with the city’s Latino community in mind. As part of ongoing efforts to achieve social equity, the collection was relocated to a prominent first floor area of the Central Library in 2017.


The Latino Collection and Resource Center is a cultural resource that chronicles and celebrates the literature, heritage, experience and contemporary life of Latin America and Latin Americans, from which the majority of the City of San Antonio and Bexar County's population is descendant. This project provides a new, prominent home for the Latino Collection, as well as special spaces that allow the collection to be more meaningful, engaging and impactful through thoughtful programming.

Key Elements of Innovation

The Latino Collection and Resource Center enables San Antonio Public Library to highlight Latino voices and present culturally relevant Latino programming year-round. Outreach efforts engage Latinos through presence in community spaces that were not previously a focus area. The LCRC Promotor ambassador club, an incentivized loyalty initiative, allows those passionate about LCRC services to inform others and directly impact the Latino community through volunteerism and participation in LCRC activities, all while highlighting the rich collection.

Achieved Outcomes

Within the first six months of opening, the LCRC achieved a 200 percent increase in use of the Latino Collection and 1,095 public program attendees, surpassing program attendance goals by 128 percent. Attendees obtain a global awareness that is critical in today’s world and gain an understanding of the historical origins, experiences and contributions of Latinos. During the first eight months, 92 percent of LCRC program participants stated that the LCRC was their primary gateway to the library.