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Grand Family Fundamentals Class

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Grand Family Fundamentals Class

Queens Public Library, N.Y.

Education - Children & Adults | 2020 | Top Innovator

Innovation Synopsis

Queens Public Library created a unique learning program to address the needs of an underserved population: Mandarin speaking seniors in our Flushing Community. In line with our “We Speak Your Language” theme, the program included Virtual:

  • ESOL Classes
  • Computer Workshops
  • Coping Skills Workshops
  • Craft Making Projects


Immigrant grandparents face many barriers related to legal, financial, school-based, parenting and family relationship issues. In addition to basic English conversation skills, many grandparents are lacking digital literacy and cultural competency skills as it relates to accessing social services and understanding and bonding with their grandchildren. Queens Public Library integrated all of these services into one program: Grand Family Fundamentals through a unique collaboration with internal and external partners.

Key Elements of Innovation

Queens Public Library at Flushing ALC integrated virtual classes on Basic English, technology, crafts and coping skills via collaborations with Youth Services, our New Americans Program, Job and Business Academy, Adult Learning Program and external community partners. We delivered Virtual ESOL classes, Computer, Case Management, Coping Skills (Mental and Physical health, navigating the digital library, etc.) and Crafts workshops to our target population: low-Income, Mandarin speaking grandparents with grandchildren K-3.

Achieved Outcomes

As a result of the program, all of the grandparents:

  1. Improved English speaking skills
  2. Demonstrated technological learning by:
    1. Creating a gmail account and communicating with teachers and learning support specialists via Gmail
    2. Navigating Cisco Webex and Google Classroom
    3. Navigating English Learning Apps
  3. Demonstrated increased socio-economic awareness by completing pre and post surveys on delivered workshop topics
  4. Demonstrated grandparenting skills by assisting grandchildren with craft activities