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First Annual Bike Parade

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First Annual Bike Parade

Denton Public Library - South Branch

Health & Wellness | 2011

Innovation Synopsis


The Denton Public Library identified a community need for fun, innovative programs that, in addition to highlighting the library’s collection, emphasize safety education, participation in physical activities and exploration of the outdoors.

Key Elements of Innovation

Designed as an annual program, the Bike Parade program was created to meet the needs of the children and their parents in our community. Families were invited to bring their bicycles, tricycles, wagons, or scooters into the library to decorate. The library provided brightly colored stickers, streamers and ribbons. Attendees were given race numbers to create an atmosphere of a real bicycle race. While the customers decorated their bicycles, an experienced bicyclist showed video clips of actual races and discussed bicycle safety. We also highlighted books and DVDs in the collection related to bicycle sports. Once the bicycles were decorated, attendees lined up outside and paraded several times down the library’s quarter mile driveway. After the parade, attendees were able to enjoy refreshments and browse the library’s collection. Photographs of the participants with their bikes were e-mailed to the families that requested them.

Achieved Outcomes

The overwhelming success of the First Annual Bike Parade is exemplified by the participation of 26 children and 19 adults. Attendees were very supportive of the family oriented program and were excited that the library was promoting physical activity. We received a number of inquiries from the community asking to be included in future events. This year, we hope to partner with several community organizations to further elevate this program. The local police department provides a bicycle safety course and several area bicycle shops provide a bicycle maintenance workshop that we hope to incorporate into future programs.