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DeKalb Votes Challenge

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DeKalb Votes Challenge

DeKalb County Public Library, Ga.

Advocacy & Awareness | 2020 | Honorable Mention

Innovation Synopsis

The goal of this challenge is to provide a fun way for participants to learn about the voting process. Participants earn challenge badges while learning about the history of voting in the U.S., voter registration information and resources, election dates, new voting machines, absentee ballots and much more.


Regardless of voter eligibility, the DeKalb Votes Challenge emphasizes the value of educating all community members on how voting works in order to build a more empowered community. Leading up to the 2020 election, the DeKalb Votes Challenge provides nonpartisan information on the voting process. It breaks down confusion and prepares voters for what to expect at the polls. Voting is a critical part of elevating community voices to impact policies. An informed and engaged community is an empowered community.

Key Elements of Innovation

Although COVID-19 closed our doors, it afforded us the opportunity to reimagine how we connect and engage with the community as well as educate and inform our users about the importance of voting. DCPL partnered with Beanstack to develop the DeKalb Votes Challenge. This self-paced challenge requires participants to register as individuals or families and earn challenge badges as they complete various categories such as Voter Pledge, History of Voting and Voter Rights, 2020 Election Calendar and more!

Achieved Outcomes

The DeKalb Votes Challenge has been very well received. New challenges and badges are added as opportunities to partner with civic organizations in support of the national Get Out the Vote initiative become available.

  • Registered Participants: 1,261
  • Completed Activities: 5,316
  • Badges Earned: 4,624
  • Challenge Completions: 231