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Curated Museum Pass Messenger Bags

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Curated Museum Pass Messenger Bags

Chesterfield County Public Library, Va.

Health & Wellness | 2019 | Honorable Mention

Innovation Synopsis

Through partnerships with eight local museums, the Museum Pass Project provides 21 curated messenger bags for checkout. Each bag contains one family pass to a museum and a varying combination of books, DVDs, unique toys, educational brochures and maps related to each museum.


Our challenge was to create circulatable items that provide a learning experience — not just a checkout — to our customers. We also sought to find a way to enrich the lives of our customers while underlining the value of our library as an essential part of our community. Chesterfield has ready access to a multitude of cultural and historical resources, but residents are not always aware of or financially able to access them. These kits serve as both an awareness and learning tool.

Key Elements of Innovation

Our key innovation elements include: broadening the concept of what kinds of items can and should be checked out; packaging the passes in a new and appealing way; establishing a partnership with local museums for the purpose of mutual benefit exchange; curating an educational and cultural experience for customers through an interactive bag of museum-related materials; and increasing access to local educational and cultural experiences for customers with limited financial means.

Achieved Outcomes

The collection has exceeded all predictions. Promotions began one month prior to launch with over 50 related inquiries recorded from customers before launch. The collection launched in June 2019, with all 21 bags checked out within 48 hours of launch. Within the first seven days of launch, we had 389 holds. We anticipate the demand will continue to increase, and we are already taking steps to expand the collection.