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Cooking with the GPL Collection

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Cooking with the GPL Collection

Greensboro Public Library

Education - Children & Adults | 2021

Innovation Synopsis

Working together, the staff of the Greensboro Public Library has created a series of videos highlighting the library's cookbook collection.


At a time when many people had to turn to innovative ways to stay connected, the staff of GPL put together a series of cooking videos that demonstrated how to prepare the one thing that brings everyone together — food.

Key Elements of Innovation

Unique and well-crafted videos demonstrate cooking techniques and highlight the library collection. The recipes come from many different cultures yet are simple enough that they can be achieved using basic kitchen materials.

Achieved Outcomes

Cooking videos will provide online customers with a series of easy to make recipes. The videos will highlight the collection as well as upcoming programs. For example, the video Collard Greens with Cornbread Dumplings was used to promote Juneteenth programming. We use views as a way to measure video outreach.