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"The Bookmark" by KDL

Kent District Library, Michigan

Innovation Summary

Developed by Kent District Library, "The Bookmark®" is a scientifically rendered resource designed to pinpoint the best candidates for jobs in libraries as they evolve into more than just repositories for books – just as a bookmark saves time by pointing readers precisely to where they need to go.

Problem Statement

It’s much more cost-effective to hire the right person the first time. For too long, libraries have been settling for outdated strategies that rely on luck/intuition rather than human resource best practices to hire their people. "The Bookmark" promises to change all that. This tool adds more science into the art of hiring. KDL was motivated to develop "The Bookmark" in light of how other progressive industries use assessment tools to better understand potential employees.


Over the past decade, the use of employment assessments has grown considerably. In profound ways, "The Bookmark" is able to zero in on employees who embrace everything from punctuality to teamwork. Using a series of situational questions, this tool gives prospective employers insights into how a candidate scores in specific areas and can help libraries identify candidates who understand their role as a public servant whose goal is to forge sustainable relationships with the patrons.


To develop "The Bookmark," KDL worked with PAN, the leading provider of talent measurement solutions to help organizations hire, develop and retain the right staff. "The Bookmark" has been subjected to field tests in some two dozen libraries throughout the United States and Canada. One of KDL's goals as a leading-edge organization is to help all libraries, so "The Bookmark" was kept relatively inexpensive so that libraries of all sizes can benefit from it.