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Recruiting New Faces in New Places

Prince George’s County Memorial Library System, Maryland

Innovation Summary

A suite of recruitment materials was created, including a friendly card to hand to customer service standouts met in retail, restaurants and other unlikely places. This leads to new, quality candidates in a thriving job market. These materials are used by management staff in the community and at job fairs.

Problem Statement

These cards are already helping; candidates have mentioned this as an introduction to the idea of working in the library. This region offers many excellent opportunities for library candidates, with two accredited library schools here. In order to recruit the best and have them stay , we need to innovate both in recruiting and in management. Presenting likely candidates with a strong impression of our progressive system invites a second look at our job postings.


PGCMLS has updated our recruitment software and website, done the hard work of revising the HR procedures for hiring and reviewing candidates, trained the interview panelists. Now management has a simple business card that can be handed to a great customer service person, banners for use in the community and a new recruitment brochure that reflects the innovative services we offer to the community, the key motivation we want our candidates to consider.


Along with the advance online assessments, HR anticipates a higher quality of candidate for positions, saving the time of staff in reviewing and interviewing candidates. The handy business card enables management to further diversify the staff, encouraging those who had never considered applying for a library position to step up.