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Learn. Change. Grow. Staff Engagement Event

Calgary Public Library, Alberta

Innovation Summary

A never before one-day engagement event saw Calgary Public Library staff (800+ people) come together to celebrate current success and explore how the library continues to reinvent. An organizational focus—learn, change, grow–was introduced, to remind staff what actions are necessary to serve an ever-evolving community.

Problem Statement

Major changes to organizational structure took place at Calgary Public Library, and were followed by extensive changes to the physical layout and library processes. Staff needed to feel supported and informed, so they could be energized about the library’s future and their role in the library’s ongoing evolution. This was done by bringing all staff together, in three identical sessions throughout the same day. This unique approach reinforced the message this wasn’t business as usual.


At the event, staff received credit for the current success of the library, heard how invaluable they are to the future of the library in the community, and learned about exciting library initiatives to come. Library administration committed to more, better and timely communication, as well as offering enhanced training to ensure staff are equipped to fulfill the changing expectations in their roles. As the library’s culture evolves, both staff and Library members benefit.


Calgary is a 1,000,000+ resident city in major transition. The "Learn. Change. Grow." event built momentum to ensure the library and staff can meet the changing needs and expectations of citizens. Major takeaways from the event included feeling informed, valued, excited and proud, according to a staff survey. Staff can now recognize colleagues for outstanding work via a new intranet. A training program was created to help staff develop new skills and confidence in inquiry-based learning.