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Efficient and Effective Service Review Initiative (EESRI)

Jefferson County Public Library

Problem Statement

In 2007, Jefferson County Public Library’s (JCPL) long-range financial picture indicated that the Library would face severe financial limitations in 2010 and beyond.


In 2007, the Library launched its Efficient and Effective Service Review Initiative (EESRI), an online mechanism for employees to initiate ideas to streamline activities, eliminate unnecessary work and suggest improvements to library operations. Ideas submitted by staff are evaluated by appropriate individuals or task forces. Ideas that would result in a positive return on investment are implemented. Those that are not feasible are not implemented. All ideas are acknowledged on the Library’s staff intranet.


  • Staff buy-in and participation in this effort is high.
  • Between 2007 and 2009, staff-initiated ideas resulted in ongoing savings in annual operating costs of approximately $650,000. This enabled JCPL to add to its fund balance (i.e., its savings account) so the Library is well-positioned to adjust to a reduction in its 2010 property tax levy with minimal impacts on services to patrons.