Urban Leader Award

ULC's Urban Leader Award recognizes civic leaders and advocates for public libraries.

The ULC Urban Leader Award was established in 2001 to honor civic leader and former chair of ULC’s Executive Board, Betty Jane Narver, a long-time Seattle leader. And since then, ULC has continued to recognize civic leaders and advocates for public libraries.

Nominees may include library trustees, commission members, Foundation and Friends Group members, elected or appointed local government officials, school superintendents, and other civic/community leaders — leaders that are library champions.

Past ULC Urban Leader Awardees include:

  • Christopher B. Coleman, Mayor of Saint Paul
  • Don Iveson, Mayor of Edmonton, Alberta, CA
  • Karl Dean, Former Mayor of Nashville, TN
  • Joan & Irwin Jacobs, Philanthropists, San Diego Public Library
  • Susan Adkins, Trustee, The Seattle Public Library Foundation
  • Lucy McCoy, Library Champion, Los Angeles Public Library
  • James E. O’Donnell, Esq., President, The Directors of the Bridgeport Public Library & Reading Room
  • John W. Hill, President, Board of Library Trustees District of Columbia Public Library
  • Jean Brady, Chair, San Antonio Public Library Board of Trustees
  • Josephine Bryant, City Librarian, Toronto Public Library
  • Fontayne Holmes, City Librarian, Los Angeles Public Library
  • Lynn Lockwood, Assistant Director, Baltimore County Public Library
  • Carlton Sears , Director, Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County
  • Samuel Morrison, Director, Broward County Library