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AI in the Headlines

When you hear “artificial intelligence,” what comes to mind?

When you think about AI, it's likely that you're not picturing individuals who are starting a new career, reading the daily news, picking their next TV show to binge or casting their vote in an election. Yet, AI is already central to all of those activities in our world today, and it is continuing to impact our democracy, social dynamics and economies at staggering rates.

Read the news stories linked below to discover how core library values relate to AI's increasing impact on our world.

Race and Social Equity

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    AI supercharges the capacity for computer systems to amass, restrict and disseminate data at revolutionary scales and speeds. This enhanced capacity carries a serious risk of magnifying biases in the AI's coding or application, widening digital and social divides.

    Information Access and Literacy

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      AI is not only changing what information individuals need to meet their career, education and social goals, it is fundamentally altering how we learn and communicate. Twenty-first century citizens must be informed digital citizens, who fully understand the opportunities, responsibilities and risks of their lives online.

      Data Privacy and Security

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        Community residents rely on their local public libraries to provide safe and welcoming opportunities to connect, learn and grow at their own pace. As AI-equipped agents become increasingly sophisticated at mining, surveilling and commercializing our digital footprints, libraries must develop equally sophisticated measures to ensure patrons can understand and minimize online threats.