Richland County Public Library's Tony Tallent Receives the 2011 ULC Joey Rodger Leadership Award

July 8th, 2011

Tony_TallentThe Urban Libraries Council (ULC) presented Mr. Tony Tallent, Director of Literacy and Learning at the Richland County Public Library in Columbia, South Carolina, with the 2011 Joey Rodger Leadership Award at their Annual Membership Meeting on June 25th in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Joey Rodger Leadership Award was established in 2004 to honor ULC’s first full-time chief executive officer and president, Eleanor Jo “Joey” Rodger. The award pays tribute to Rodger’s dedication to leadership in the public library and her support of library leaders.

Tallent will utilize the leadership award offerings by developing a brand personality for the library, strengthen its strategies and goals, clarify its vision and further develop activities that demonstrate the public library as a living, breathing, changing mirror of the community mind.

“This learning and leadership opportunity will allow me to expand my own understanding, skills and savviness with the concept of putting personality into the work we do in libraries,” said Tallent. “It will also create useful and creative material for other libraries to adapt and expand upon.”

Each year, a ULC member panel selects a member colleague to participate in a recognized leadership program that will assist in expanding their library’s vision while strengthening the library’s role as an essential service to the community. The leadership award enables the ULC member to engage in a program that will advance executive skills while providing opportunities to gain new strategies and techniques that are key for 21st century libraries.

“We are delighted to recognize and support Tony’s professional development and provide him with the opportunity to explore the arena of branding, marketing, partnership building and consumer activity,” said ULC President and CEO, Susan Benton. “Tony is already a recognized leader and this award supports his continuous development and commitment to learning.”