Outpost Libraries

January 11th, 2013

Richland Library, SC, Executive Director Melanie Huggins prompted a great exchange this week on the ULC Directors' e-list by asking colleagues to share ways that they have created "outpost libraries" in imaginative community locations.

Here's a sampling.

Mid-Continent Public Library's, MO, Director of Libraries Steve Potter wrote...

"Take a look at our Library-To-Go service. Be sure to watch the videos below the map!  Basically, we co-locate with a partner institution. In our case, all are government buildings. One of our neighboring libraries has co-located in a gas station and bait shop....seriously!"

Pioneer Library System's, OK, Director Anne Masters added...

"In the early 1990s, when the Pioneer Library System gave up book mobiles, we implemented a service point model that we call Information Stations. These are located in schools and community centers in small rural communities. There is no Pioneer staff or collection, but there is a computer that can be used to request materials. We make a weekly stop at these locations to deliver requested materials. Staffs of the school or community center serve as "volunteers" to check materials out to customers. We have a book drop at these locations as well. At some of the sites we offer summer programs...This year we expanded the Information Station at one location to include a small materials collection and a few computers including a children's computer. We are also providing some programming throughout the year at this location, a community center."