On the e-Books Front

May 3rd, 2013

ebooksLast week, the Connecticut House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill to study library access to e-books. If approved by the State Senate and signed into law by CT Governor Malloy, the legislation requires the state commissioner of consumer affairs to provide a complete analysis with recommendations to the Legislature by February 2014.

ULC has created a Briefing Paper and Fact Sheet to support discussions that our members have with leaders regarding e-book accessibility in public libraries. The Briefing Paper provides background on the issue along with key messages that can be used when  presenting the challenges facing libraries on e-book accessibility. The Fact Sheet can be used as a leave-behind.

These documents -- along with the podcast of the webinar that we recently presented on this critical issue -- are available for download from the ULC website under the "Member Resources" tab.

Please contact the ULC office, 312-676-0999, if you would like additional materials or have questions.