On the e-Books Front

December 11th, 2012

On the e-Book Front

This week, Forbes published "The Wrong War Over e-Books: Publishers Vs. Libraries", an article by David Vinjamuri which provides a lucid analysis of the ongoing debate and argues that a new way of thinking is needed to find a path to solutions.  

As mainstream media coverage of this issue grows, the range of reader responses is worthy of study. In this case, one reader writes, " This is the most comprehensive and interesting post about the library issue I've seen anywhere...You've raised some thought-provoking concepts here. My take on the local library has always leaned toward arcane research and/or non-fiction needs. I buy all my pleasure reading at the bookstore and try to get autographed editions of books I really like... My reluctant incursion into the Kindle world is gaining steam though. I've read many e-books just for the convenience...As our methods of reading evolve, so will the way we acquire books. The attraction of bookstores over libraries could evaporate. Then your point about the 'war' will escalate...I wonder where the industry (and I, the consumer) will go."