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Constitutional Refresher

Denver Public Library

Contact Name: Genine Plunkett,
Type of Initiative: Tenets of Democracy 


Constitutional questions have been in the news more than usual the last few months. For example, do the President's international business relationships violate the Emoluments Clause? Does the phrase "advice and consent" allow the Senate to refuse to consider an outgoing President's Supreme Court nominee? Does the First Amendment allow private businesses to refuse services in the name of religious freedom? How did the Constitutional protection of habeas corpus allow a judge to block parts of the President's recent immigration order?

Understanding how the Constitution applies in these cases is no easy matter, especially for people without formal legal training. While it's supposed to be a document of "We the People," many citizens don't know much about what the Constitution says, or how it really works.

Here is a Constitutional refresher as presented by Denver Public Library.