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Everyone is Welcome Here

Skokie Public Library

Contact Name: Richard Kong,
Type of Initiative: Inclusion/Tolerance  


In response to the troubling social and political climate that has resulted in people from many cultures and backgrounds feeling threatened or unwelcome, the library responded with a simple message of inclusion to all of our community members. First, we placed large posters at our entrances proclaiming, “Everyone is Welcome Here.” Since these posters have gone up, staff have received many comments about how people feel welcomed and safe in the library, and that they are proud of the community they live in. We also responded with a blog post on our website (and shared via social media) reiterating this message of welcome. This blog post, viewable at, was also well-received. Lastly, a staff intranet post was sent to all staff in the library by the director, affirming the message that staff are welcome in the organization and in the community.