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DreamWeek SA

San Antonio Public Library

Contact: Haley Holmes,
Type of Initiative: Inclusion/Tolerance
Community Partners: DreamWeek SA


DreamWeek is a summit of events that fosters the exchange of ideas on universal issues in order to advance the voices of tolerance, equality, and diversity. The January, city-wide summit creates open forums where real-world issues are discussed in a well-balanced manner, with the understanding that the truest voices will always prevail. Events includes symposiums, film screenings, concerts, art gallery exhibits, panel discussions, health and fitness expos, and mixers, and debates.

DreamWeek culminates in a 150,000+ person march organized by the City of San Antonio’s MLK Commissionto honor the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and to proliferate and modernize his aspirations, as well as advance the wisdom and enlightenment of great humanitarians like him.

The San Antonio Public Library hosted numerous events throughout the week as well as partnered to host other community organizations. Several events were included in the City of San Antonio calendar, picked up in the media, as well as the traditional social media channels. Below is a small list of events that were implemented:

The Carver Branch Library hosted author Anne Moody to kick off a community reading event of her book Coming of Age in Mississippi, a powerful social justice autobiography.

The Forest Hills Branch Library presented Veronica Castillo and an exhibit of her “Trees of Life”. “Trees of Life” are typically composed of clay and mimic the form of a tree with branches that are decorated with leaves, flowers, human figures and animals. Traditionally, the sculptures featured characters from the Bible, but over time they introduce a variety of themes and subjects. Veronica’s Trees of Life educate people about the sculptures tradition and history.

The Westfall Branch Library partnered with The Pride Center San Antonio to host training that aimed to increase the awareness, knowledge, and skills for individuals and address the challenges that exist when advocating for their LGBTQ peers, family members, friends, coworkers, students and for themselves.

Equality Texas also held a session at the Westfall Branch Library to train participants to establish relationships with their state representatives and senators, and to advocate for policy changes with their elected officials.