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Donald J. Trump: An Assessment of the First 100 Days of His Presidency — D.C. Public Library

D.C. Public Library

Contact Name: Meaghan O'Connor,
Type of Initiative: Civil Society 


Will Donald J. Trump be the president 'for all Americans' as he pledged in his Victory Speech on Nov. 9, 2016?

Mr. Trump's election as the nation's next President has sparked controversy. Many minorities and immigrants fear the prospect of a Trump administration, because of the billionaire's campaign promises.

Dismissing post-election despair, Trump's supporters believe that he will revitalize the economy and restore America's standing on the international stage.

In recognition of Black History Month, join us in the Black Studies Center for a lecture by WAMU 88.5 FM Radio News Director, Alicia Montgomery, about what to expect from Mr. Trump during his first 100 days in office.