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Edge Toolkit

The demands and challenges are different at each library, just as each community has unique needs and demographics. The Edge Toolkit is filled with useful, scalable tools that give libraries a unique perspective into what’s working and where there is room for improvement. Together, these tools help all libraries plan for the future and work directly with local leaders to align on community priorities.

Visit the Edge website to learn more

The Edge Toolkit includes:

    • The Edge Assessment provides library leaders with a system to assess and evaluate the library's current public access technology services. The tool allows library directors or their designated staff to enter data and find out how the library is doing relative to the Edge benchmarks. It is a point in time assessment.
    • resource guide with templates, tools and tips for improving the library’s public technology services and case studies that feature examples of public libraries of all sizes implementing projects related to the Edge Initiative in the library.
    • Training guides library leaders and staff in using their Edge results for planning, advocacy, and outreach activities to enhance as well as build technology services.
    • Reporting and presentation tools that help library leaders show how libraries help support the local economy, workforce, lifelong learning, and a strong community. These tools will allow library leaders to create an action plan with activites that align with local community priorities and engage key community leaders to demonstrate the value of the public library in strengthening communities.