FCC Chairman Announces Next Step in E-rate Modernization

November 19th, 2014

A lot of activity around E-rate is happening at the FCC right now, specifically:
  • On Monday, Chairman Wheeler announced his plan to take the next step in the E-rate modernization process. Read the blog entry from FCC Managing Director Jon Wilkins about the announcement here.
  • The blog includes links to an E-rate Data Update staff report and also a press fact sheet.
  • The New York Times covered the story Monday stating that the FCC Chairman plans to announce that it will add $1.5 B to the E-rate program, increasing annual spending from $2.4 B per year to $3.9 B per year. The FCC believes this will increase each phone bill by less than $2 per year, less than $6 per year per household. Find the article here.