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Library Fees: To Forgive or Forget

Featuring: Jill Bourne, Library Director, San José Public Library Andrew Medlar, Assistant Chief of Technology, Content & Innovation, Chicago Public Library Manya Shorr, Director of Public Services, DC Public Library

This webinar focuses on the impact of library fees/fines in varying large city communities and offers solutions and highlight the programs created from three leading ULC member libraries — San José Public Library, Chicago Public Library, and DC Public Library. Hear from San José Public Library Director, Jill Bourne, as she discusses the reliable and sustainable amnesty program she and her team developed with their Mayor in order to better serve low-income neighborhoods and provide realistic fine policies and processes. Learn from Andrew Medlar, Assistant Chief of Technology, Content & Innovation at Chicago Public Library, about CPL’s commitment to provide broad access to all Chicagoans in order to minimize barriers to the library’s collections, programs, and services. Andrew discusses how regular evaluation of fine policies, along with news-making city-wide amnesty programs, have empowered Chicagoans with knowledge, learning, and valuable experiences. And last but not least, DC Public Library’s Director of Public Services, Manya Shorr, shares how and why the library completely eliminated fines, fees and amnesty programs to meet local and national directives, and what has come of this intentional and valued decision. The presenting libraries will also discuss the barriers they encountered and provide insights on how libraries can make fair and strategic decisions to benefit communities financially while retaining trust.

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