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Lessons from the Field: Start a Revolution

Registration is now closed for this event.


Invitation from Calgary Public Library's CEO Bill Ptacek

Calgary Public Library's CEO, Bill Ptacek, invites you to join us this May for our Lessons from the Field event!

ULC members will convene at Calgary Public Library this May to experience first-hand the giant leaps and bounds the library has taken in recent years to dramatically shift the organization’s 116-year-old mindset. Attendees will hear from CEO Bill Ptacek about how he has led these innovative transformations at the library since his arrival in 2014, including overcoming major challenges to open the highly sophisticated and world-renowned new Central Library.

Attendees will engage in interactive learning sessions to explore:

  • Adopting a "do-stuff" philosophy
  • Changing staff culture
  • System planning and strategic growth
  • Understanding investment in patron experiences
  • Creating value from partnerships
  • … and more!
Christian Moellers Fish Credit Neil Zeller