Celebrating Members. Celebrating Libraries.

April 29th, 2013

videoCuyahoga County Public Library, OH, is celebrating its 90th birthday! With six ribbon cutting events for replacement buildings and at least one renovation that will be completed during 2013, Executive Director Sari Feldman and her team produced this video tracing the library's roots - from its beginnings as a "book car" to its present status as one of the nation's busiest library systems.


And, speaking of excellence, the ULC community congratulates three of our outstanding individual members, who have been named Library Directors. We are proud to work with you in this new capacity, and we look forward to what your leadership and your teams will continue to bring to our public libraries:

   Brigitte_Blanton  Jill_Bourne  KennethWayne_Thompson

Please help us congratulate and share the good work and great news you and your ULC colleagues bring our communities all year long. We salute you!