Celebrate Summer Learning!

June 7th, 2013

National Summer Learning Day

Ntl_Summer_Learning_DayFriday, June 21 is National Summer Learning Day, created to spread awareness about the importance of keeping kids safe, healthy and engaged when they are not in school. The library's role in providing high-quality summer learning activities is critically important - but sometimes forgotten or not fully understood by elected officials, school and other community leaders.

Visit National Summer Learning Association's site to learn more about how you can spread awareness in your community and join a national advocacy movement. And, register your significant summer learning programs on the national map that is taking shape to demonstrate the breadth of summer learning activities everywhere.

Summer of Making and Connecting

On another summer learning front, three powerful forces: the MacArthur Foundation, Mozilla and the National Writing Project have joined together to launch Summer of Making and Connecting, an online platform that will serve as a clearinghouse for new information, tips and tools about exciting summer learning opportunities taking place in communities everywhere.

Summer_of_Making_and_ConnectingSummer of Making and Connecting organizes hundreds of events, projects and programs in communities across the nation, around the world and online to help youth connect learning to their interests and to enable teachers to learn from and network with their innovative peers.

The campaign will engage hundreds of thousands of people in creating things on the web, with hardware and on paper-working in schools and community spaces and at kitchen tables. The campaign brings together organizations from the worlds of DIY, making, writing and learning to build the Connected Learning movement.

Register now to be part of this dynamic movement. It's all about summer learning and making!