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Taking civic engagement to the next level

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Anne G. Donworth, Lexington Public Library Foundation
Kate Eppler, San Francisco Public Library

This webinar features insight from two ULC members, San Francisco Public Library and Lexington Public Library, about creating and achieving robust civic engagement programming.

SFPL spearheaded the first citywide "Digital Inclusion Week," which included more than 20 community partners coming together to create opportunities to connect and build skills. The events gave more than 2,000 participants access to classes, expos and discussions that promoted online access and technology skill building in an effort to bridge the digital divide. The week attracted a diverse group of patrons, with programs provided in multiple languages. The "Digital Inclusion Week" also served as an open house for library services and brought in new patrons and volunteers.

Additionally, the Lexington Public Library Foundation discusses the model they used to advance civic engagement within their community. A partnership between Lexington's community foundation, city government, chamber of commerce, public schools, library and others, "On The Table" engaged over 11,000 citizens in a series of community conversations. Discussions informed the city's comprehensive plan and enabled the library to hear from people about the future of Lexington and how the community can meet its unique needs. This program is a prime example of a powerful model for bringing a community together through food and fellowship.

During the webinar, presenters shared:

• Impetus for the programs
• Partnerships created/fostered
• Tools created/shared
• Staff training processes
• Cost/hours associated with the programs
• Marketing/communications tactics and channels used to promote the programs
• Programs' outcomes - community responses/engagement
• What the libraries/communities have learned from the programs and how they are being continuously improved

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the new localism: how cities can thrive in the age of populism

Firday, January 26, 2018

Susan Benton, President and CEO, Urban Libraries Council
Bruce Katz, Centennial Scholar, Brookings Institution 

On January 26, ULC will hosted a webinar with urban experts Bruce Katz, Centennial Scholar at the Brookings Institution. During the presentation, the author shared details about his new book, New Localism, which provides a roadmap for change in the communities where most people live and work. In the book, Katz reveals where the real power to create change lies and how it can be used to address our most serious social, economic, and environmental challenges. Attendees heard about the power shift in our world: downward from national governments and states to cities and metropolitan communities and horizontally from the public sector to networks of public, private and civic actors.

In order for New Localism to thrive, the public needs to get serious about the new class of city and metropolitan leaders, and establish new institutions in communities that enable leaders to flourish. To purchase the book, visit Amazon

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