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Storytelling: Illuminating Your Library's Success

Tuesday, November 22, 2016
Featuring: Laura Packer, Storyteller and Writer

Libraries build community, provide an expansive range of services and connect diverse groups, but how do you tell that story in meaningful ways? Storytelling can help build connectedness and stronger relationships within and without. 

On Tuesday, November 22 from 12-1 pm EST, ULC will host Storytelling: Illuminating Your Library's Success, with storyteller and writer, Laura Packer to gain insight on how you can tell your story in order to advance the library’s role in the community, engage new customers/funders or simply demonstrate the wonderful work you do day-to-day. Learn how to turn your data and outputs into a story and use storytelling to discover new ways to share your message, bring people together, support your brand, and build relationships. 

For those of you that attend the Annual Forum in Kansas City, you had the opportunity to hear Laura’s presentation and based on your very positive feedback, we decide to bring Laura to your library team members so you could also learn from her wisdom.

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Continuing the Conversation: Race and Social Equity in Public Libraries

Thursday, October 27, 2016
Andrea Blackman, Special Collections Division Manager, Nashville Public Library
Jane Eastwood, Director, Saint Paul Public Library
Kent Oliver, Director, Nashville Public Library

In this webinar, ULC library members Nashville Public Library (NPL) and Saint Paul Public Library (SPPL) outline the programs that have put each library in the spotlight for creating and building awareness around equitable opportunities and treatment for all. NPL Director Kent Oliver and Special Collections Division Manager Andrea Blackman will discuss "Police and Librarians, Working on Civil Society," a program in which library leaders use NPL's Civil Rights Room and Collection to teach local police recruits about Nashville's Civil Rights legacy and foster conversations about how history may impact their work today. The Saint Paul Public Library, winner of the 2016 Top Innovator Award for Race and Social Equity, advanced its strategies and created a racial equity assessment tool and staff training to address institutional and structural racism. SPPL Director Jane Eastwood will share how the Library has taken a leadership role in a citywide initiative to change community practices and ways of thinking that may unintentionally discriminate in hiring, promotion and services.

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Library Fees: To Forgive or Forget

Tuesday, August 29, 2016
Jill Bourne
, Library Director, San José Public Library
Andrew Medlar
, Assistant Chief of Technology, Content & Innovation, Chicago Public Library
Manya Shorr
, Director of Public Services, DC Public Library

This webinar focuses on the impact of library fees/fines in varying large city communities and offers solutions and highlight the programs created from three leading ULC member libraries — San José Public Library, Chicago Public Library, and DC Public Library. Hear from San José Public Library Director, Jill Bourne, as she discusses the reliable and sustainable amnesty program she and her team developed with their Mayor in order to better serve low-income neighborhoods and provide realistic fine policies and processes. Learn from Andrew Medlar, Assistant Chief of Technology, Content & Innovation at Chicago Public Library, about CPL’s commitment to provide broad access to all Chicagoans in order to minimize barriers to the library’s collections, programs, and services. Andrew discusses how regular evaluation of fine policies, along with news-making city-wide amnesty programs, have empowered Chicagoans with knowledge, learning, and valuable experiences. And last but not least, DC Public Library’s Director of Public Services, Manya Shorr, shares how and why the library completely eliminated fines, fees and amnesty programs to meet local and national directives, and what has come of this intentional and valued decision. The presenting libraries will also discuss the barriers they encountered and provide insights on how libraries can make fair and strategic decisions to benefit communities financially while retaining trust.

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Creating Effective Social Media Content

Tuesday, July 19, 2016
Ken Harvey, Communications Director, Sno-Isle Libraries
Jill Heggen, Public Relations Counsel, Swanson Russell Associates

Having success in social media is not about what platforms you participate in or how many online fans you acquire, but rather how you most effectively reach your target audiences. At the end of the day, content is still king. And with online competition growing by the minute, libraries must have valuable content that is properly targeted to the right audiences using the right channels. Hear Swanson Russell Public Relations Counsel, Jill Heggen, and Sno-Isle Libraries Communications Director, Ken Harvey, share how libraries can master the channels they are on and better understand their audiences to create effective content for social media.

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Coming Together: How Skokie Public Library is Addressing the Topic of Race

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Carolyn Anthony, Director, Skokie Public Library
Amita Lonial, Learning Experience Manager, Skokie Public Library
Jim Szczepaniak, Community Relations Director, Niles Township High Schools District 219

For many of us, race and racism are not easy topics to address, yet the Skokie Public Library along with local partners, found a way to start the difficult conversation and engage the community by weaving aspects of the topic into day-to-day activities and programs. Hear how Skokie Public Library and one of its partners, Niles Township High Schools District 219, discuss Coming Together: Voices of Race, a community program that provides residents the chance to weigh-in and share their thoughts and feelings on racism through events like reading groups, open discussions, exhibits and workshops that address and explore the topics of race and social equity.

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Grow Your Own: Leaders + Teams

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Marla Ehlers, Assistant Director, Grand Rapids Public Library

Are you ready to step up your leadership role? Do you want to improve your team dynamics and explore ways in which you can overcome the five dysfunctions of teams? Are you seeking ways to spark creative problem-solving among leaders and teams alike? Hear from Grand Rapids Public Library Assistant Director Marla Ehlers as she discusses how effective teams engage in unfiltered, passionate debate and develop leaders who understand just who their first team is, as well as how to foster your own pool of self-aware leader-candidates.

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Recipe for Redesign

Thursday, March 24, 2016
Melanie Huggins, Executive Director, Richland Library
Rebecca Stavick, Executive Director, Do Space

Is your library considering redesigning a space or building a new branch? Do you need a bit of inspiration and ideas as your team works through the complex process? Hear from Richland Library Executive Director Melanie Huggins and Rebecca Stavick, Executive Director of Do Space, as they each break down their library's transformation and creation process, provide tips and strategies that will help you design new spaces for your community, and share lessons learned.

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Libraries + Schools: Partnering to Produce Effective Summer Learning Programs

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Katie Cerqua, Youth & Family Services Manager, Virginia Beach Public Library
Lynn F. Hodges, Title 1 Instructional Specialist, Department of Teaching and Learning, Virginia Beach City Public Schools
Lisa McClure, Community Engagement Manager, Broward County Library

Libraries are partnering with schools to build a powerful web of organizations working together to significantly increase the scale of children benefiting from summer learning. Hear from ULC library members Virginia Beach Public Library and the Broward County Library to learn how they are partnering with their local schools and school systems to address the challenge of summer learning loss by maximizing summer opportunities for youth. This webinar builds on research conducted by the Urban Libraries Council (ULC) in partnership with the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) through the Accelerate Summer initiative. Gain insights on piloting new partnerships, identifying outcomes and exploring new models for summer.

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Outreach in Your Community: Building Immigrant and Refugee Programs

Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Jackie Flowers, Service Design Lead for Newcomers, Calgary Public Library
Deborah Ehrman, Acting Director, Salt Lake City Public Library
Tommy Hamby, Adult Services Coordinator, Salt Lake City Public Library
Liesl Johnson, Children's Services Coordinator, Salt Lake City Public Library
Sebastian Zavala, Program Manager, Immigration Advocates Network

New community members often turn to the library for resources and support. Now more than ever, libraries are developing and providing services that strongly aid immigration migration and refugee hosting. Hear from ULC leading libraries, Calgary Public Library and Salt Lake City Public Library, as they discuss how they are implementing new immigration and refugee programming. Immigration Advocates Network (IAN), a national non-profit, discusses their collaborative effort of leading immigrants' rights organizations designed to increase access to justice for low-income immigrants and strengthen the capacity of organizations serving them. They also describe their partnership with Brooklyn Public Library and the programming they created together to serve new community members in New York City.

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