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Summer Learning Starts Now!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Matt Poland, CEO, Hartford Public Library (CT)
Melanie Huggins, Executive Director, Richland Library (SC)
Tony Tallent, Director of Literacy and Learning, Richland Library (SC)

Public libraries are the center of summertime education opportunities for all ages. Libraries are transitioning traditional summer reading programs into new learning pathways. Hear Richland Library and Hartford Public Library share how they began their transition to summer learning; their progress, including their 2014 program framework and what they learned; and plans for 2015 – next steps and new opportunities.

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Libraries Improve Health

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Steve Podgajny, Executive Director, Portland Public Library (ME)
Dr. Sam Zager, Martin's Point Healthcare (ME)

Public libraries can play important roles in creating healthy communities — from researching and securing resources for patrons, to employing social workers and nurses, to disseminating information about current health issues and actions, to developing health initiatives. Hear Steve Podgajny, Director at Portland Public Library, and Dr. Sam Zager share their research on the associations between health and library use, and what the results mean for the future of their programs, facilities, and other development opportunities.

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21 Trends for the 21st Century: Getting and Staying in Touch with Our Communities

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Gary Marx, President, Center for Public Outreach (VA)

Hear Gary Marx, futurist, education leader, and international speaker share the latest research on massive trends that will have a profound impact on our future. In this webinar, Marx explored how rapidly changing demographics, constantly emerging technologies, and environmental challenges, make a difference in the way we learn, and the way we lead and provide services for our communities.

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Public Libraries and Hispanics: User Trends and Program Opportunities

Thursday, May 21, 2015
Mark Hugo Lopez, Director of Hispanic Research, Pew Research Center
Will Chan, Program Administrator, Services to New Immigrants, Denver Public Library
Pilar Castro-Reino, Manager, Denver Public Library

Hear Mark Hugo Lopez, Director of Hispanic Research at the Pew Research Center, along with ULC Members Will Chen and Pilar Castro-Rein of Denver Public Library, share new research from the Pew Research Center about Hispanics' use of public libraries and the implications for program development and services.

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Bridging the Digital Divide: Library Hot Spot Lending Programs

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
Jill Boldenow, Community & Digital Services Director, Saint Paul Public Library
Luke Swarthout, Director of Adult Education Services, New York Public Library
Alisson Walsh, Communications and Outreach Manager, Mobile Beacon

Hear program leaders from New York Public Library and Saint Public Library discuss the school and community partnerships that they developed in order to launch their Hot Spot Lending programs. They are also joined by the nonprofit Educational Service provider Mobile Beacon, which has been at the forefront of Hot Spot Lending in libraries.

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Edge 360: Success at All Stages of Participation in Edge

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Lourdes Aceves, Senior Program Manager, Edge Initiative
Gretchen Mitchell, Jacksonville Public Library
David Cooksey, San Antonio Public Library
Ignacio Albarracin, San Antonio Public Library

Since Edge launched in 2013, 87 ULC member libraries completed the Edge Assessment and engaged the Edge Toolkit. This session provides a unique opportunity for both current and potential ULC Edge users to learn from the experiences of libraries at all stages of participation in Edge. This session will help you gain a better understanding of the need to continually assess and improve public access technology. Presenters also shared the importance of using quantifiable data to demonstrate both library value and library need, as well as cultivating and maintaining relationships with community partners.

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Partners for Education: Strategic Coalitions for Early Learning

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Harriet Coalter, Director, Richmond Public Library (VA)
Patricia Hein, Parent Education Coordinator, Richmond Public Library (VA)
Dr. Thad Williamson, Director, Office of Community Wealth Building, City of Richmond
Ron Fairchild, Director, Network Communities Support Center, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

Hear colleagues from the Richmond Public Library, along with Director of the City of Richmond’s Office of Community Wealth Building, Dr. Thad Williamson, discuss their joint work to improve early childhood education opportunities in Richmond and the key contributions of the library. Joined by Ron Fairchild from the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, presenters shared details about the critical contributions libraries are making towards achieving early education outcomes. They also shared the successes and challenges of building and becoming part of the community’s early learning coalition and the key to sustaining the work.

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Stress Testing for Innovation: How to Gauge Your Library’s Programs

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Autumn McClintock, Strategy Coordinator, Strategic Initiatives Department, Free Library of Philadelphia
Sara Moran, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Free Library of Philadelphia
Joel A. Nichols, Data Strategies Manager, Strategic Initiatives Department, Free Library of Philadelphia
Lindsay Hanson, Data Analysis Librarian, Sno-Isle Libraries
Kendra Trachta, Deputy Director, Sno-Isle Libraries

How do you measure the outcomes and impacts of your library’s programs? How do you ensure they align with your library’s strategic plan and meet the needs and requests of your customers and community? Hear from staff at the Free Library of Philadelphia, 2015 Top Innovator in Organizational Change and Strategic Management for Strategic Initiatives: A Hatchery for Innovation, and Sno-Isle Libraries, a 2015 Honorable Mention in Operations for Data Analysis for Decision Making and Communication, to learn how you can measure your library’s shifting dynamics and library services and gather new approaches for sharing the internal knowledge.

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