2015 Leaders Partnering for Success Highlights

2015 Leaders Partnering for Success
San Diego, CA  October 28-30

2015 Partners Attendees

The 2015 Leaders Partnering for Success - Social Innovation: Raising the Bar brought together leaders from diverse sectors to discuss and focus on efforts surrounding community collaboration and social innovation.

The strong representation of partners included:

  • Elected and top-appointed officials from cities and counties;
  • Representatives from the White House and the Institute of Museums and Library Services (IMLS);
  • Executives from United Way, AARP Foundation and the Kettering Foundation;
  • City public school leaders and executives from the most forward-thinking and doing education associations;
  • A public health nurse, a public health doctor, a representative from a sheriff's office and a recreation director; and
  • ULC library leaders along with trustee and foundation executives.

ULC President and CEO, Susan Benton set the tone and started the conference conversation by stating, “Thank you for joining us to take part in an extremely urgent and timely conversation about race, equity and education. We are in an emergency situation in our country. Social innovation and racial equity are not issues we think of everyday, but we need to start. It is imperative that we create and continue our work with these issues and make their solutions a priority in our communities. And, we must enforce education collaboration. When it comes to education, public schools can't do it on their own, but public schools and public libraries and the mayor/city/county administrators working together can make progress. We've got to make the progress! You are all here to pick up the baton and move it forward. Listen to the speakers and to one another - listen for things that may shake us up and listen for things that will spark change. We need to make changes.”

Stacey Stewart
Simran Noor
Ralph Smith
Michael Casserly

Following the ULC President and CEO, conference speakers included:

Participants from the 2015 Leaders Partnering for Success conference generated some great social media buzz as speakers and attendees engaged in important discussions on the role that public library partnerships can play in addressing issues of racial/social equity and education. Check out some of the top tweets shared!

And before concluding the conference, attendees were asked about their ‘take aways’ and ‘ah ha’ moments.
Attendees shared:

pull quoteLibraries can be aggressive advocates for the most vulnerable. pull quote end

Doubling Down

pull quoteWorking towards racial equity is a process and an outcome. pull quote end

pull quoteLibraries are THE conveners of conversation around difficult issues. pull quote end

Libraries Stepping Forward Panel

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Conversations and programs about race and social innovation will continue in 2016.